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[ITRDBFOR] Tree-Ring Research, v. 75, no. 1 now published

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Hello All,
The digital content of Tree-Ring Research vol. 75 no. 1 (January 2019) is available on our web platform at  The site also includes information about the Tree-Ring Society, membership, current journal impact factor, author and submission instructions, and contents of the new issue (abstracts freely available).  A newly added "On-Line First" feature is also active so that you can view accepted content before it is formally published in upcoming regular issues.
   If you are a Tree-Ring Society member, you should already have protected access to the full content of this volume.  Any questions about the system can be addressed to pinnaclesupport AT If you are not a member, follow links on the platform to become a member.
   We continue to solicit new papers and welcome your submissions. Most importantly, many thanks to all Associate Editors, Reviewers, and Authors who contribute to the success of this society-supported publication.
Enjoy this eclectic compilation of tree-ring research!
Steven W. Leavitt, Editor (Tucson, USA)

Volume 75, Number 1 (2019)

    Vitas, A., Zunde, M., 2019.  Sapwood rings estimation of Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) in Lithuania and Latvia. Tree-Ring Research 75(1):1-13.      Dee, J.R., Palmer, M.W., 2019.  Utility of herbaceous annual rings as markers of plant response to disturbance: A case study using roots of a common milkweed species of the US tallgrass prairie.  Tree-Ring Research 75(1):14-24.     Soulé, P.T., Maxwell, J.T., Knapp, P.A., 2019.  Climate-growth responses from Pinus ponderosa trees using multiple measures of annual radial growth.  Tree-Ring Research 75(1):25-33.     Brown, P.M., Gannon, B., Battaglia, M.A., Fornwalt, P.J., Huckaby, L.S., Cheng, A.S., Baggett, L.S., 2019.  Identifying old trees to inform ecological restoration in montane forests of the central Rocky Mountains, USA.  Tree-Ring Research 75(1):34-48.     Marshall, L.A., Falk, D.A., McDowell, N.G., 2019.  Nitrogen can limit overstory tree growth following extreme stand density increase in a ponderosa pine forest.  Tree-Ring Research 75(1):49-60.     Salzer, M.W., Pearson, C.L., Baisan, C.H., 2019.  Dating the Methuselah Walk bristlecone pine floating chronologies.  Tree-Ring Research 75(1):61-66.     Helcoski, R., Tepley, A.J., McGarvey, J.C., Gonzalez-Akre, E., Meakem, V., Thompson, J.R., Anderson-Teixeira, K.J., 2019.  No significant increase in tree mortality following coring in a temperate hardwood forest.  Tree-Ring Research 75(1):67-72.

  • [ITRDBFOR] Tree-Ring Research, v. 75, no. 1 now published, Leavitt, Steven W - (sleavitt), 03/12/2019

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