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[ITRDBFOR] Condolences from Tree-ring Association of China

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  • Subject: [ITRDBFOR] Condolences from Tree-ring Association of China
  • Date: Fri, 11 Jan 2019 23:17:47 +0800 (GMT+08:00)

Condolences from Tree-ring Association of China

It is such a shocking news for us all to learn that our dear friend Hal
Fritts has passed away suddenly. This was unexpected, and we cannot imagine
that a person who is so energetic and passionate may leave so soon. We are
saddened by the passed away of this prominent scientist, our old friend. We
offer our condolences to the great loss of his family.

Hal is an innovative dendrochronologist, who has devoted himself to the
scientific career and has made unparalleled contribution to the tree rings
and climate studies.

Hal’s frank, cheerful, optimistic and easygoing personality has made him a
true friend of all his Chinese colleagues. Three generations of Chinese
dendrochronologiests will always remember him with respect and affection.
Xuemei Shao, Zhihua Zhang, Qibing Zhang, Eryuan Liang, Zhenju Chen, Lushuang
Gao, Guobao Xu, Yu Liu and many others, we have been working closely
discussing the tree-ring science, drinking beer together in Tucson. He has
made very important contributions to tree-ring studies in China. We have
benefited a lot from him.

His leaving is a great loss to the whole Tree Ring Community. His sharp
thinking, rigorous scientific attitude and endless enthusiasm have inspired
many of his Chinese colleagues. We are very proud to be his life-time
friends. Hal stays in our hearts forever.

We miss you, Hal!

Tree-ring Association of China
Jan 11.2019

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> Dear DendroCommunity,
> With great sadness, we regret to inform you that Hal Fritts passed away
> just before midnight on January 9, 2019, in Tucson, Arizona. I
> understand he had been doing fairly well earlier in the day but suddenly
> and unexpectedly passed in the late evening.  Hal had just celebrated
> his 90th birthday on December 17, and we had enjoyed his company a few
> days later at a holiday party at the Tree-Ring Lab.  He was a giant in
> the field of dendrochronology, and his book Tree Rings and Climate
> continues to be used by even the youngest among us.  He is sadly missed.
>    The family has not announced any plans for a funeral, but at some
> point the Tree-Ring Lab will likely host a tribute to Hal, and you will
> be invited to share any of your fond memories of him.
> Best regards,
> -Steve
> --
> Steven W. Leavitt
> Lab. of Tree-Ring Research
> University of Arizona

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