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[ITRDBFOR] Burnt wood

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  • From: Björn Gunnarson <bjorn.gunnarson AT>
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  • Subject: [ITRDBFOR] Burnt wood
  • Date: Tue, 29 Aug 2017 09:19:21 +0000
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Dear forum,


I currently working on an archeological project trying to date (or making a float) on burnt oak incorporated into a wall structure of stone (from ca 500 AD). The wall has been burnt down and the only thing that is left is bits and pieces of a wooden structure. The oak Is quite well preserved with visible rings if I cut the piece into disks with a bandsaw. The problem is even if a I see the rings, I have real problems to see the boundary  in a microscope (because it’s all black) so I need to increase the contrast somehow? What I usually do with disks is to  cut a radii with a razor blade and then rub chalk on the cut radius with my finger. This gives a very good results.


The problem is If use the same method here I just mix charcoal powder (that from the sample)  and mix it  with chalk, making it all very messy.


Is there anyone that have ideas or have experience working with burnt pieces of wood?






Björn Gunnarson, ass. prof.

Stockholm Tree Ring Laboratory

Dept of Physical Geography

Climate Science and Quaternary Geology

Stockholm University

SE-106 91 Stockholm





with burnt pieces of wood?

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