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Re: [ITRDBFOR] recommendation for scanner A3 ???

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  • From: Peter Groenendijk <peter.groenendijk AT>
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  • Subject: Re: [ITRDBFOR] recommendation for scanner A3 ???
  • Date: Mon, 18 Nov 2013 10:20:14 +0100

Dear all,

The largest scanner offered by Windendro is in fact the Epson _expression_ 10000XL, with the difference that it comes with a callibration file per scanner. That is, each individual scanner is measured and callibrated so the output is (always) the same.
Longer cores can be dealt with by the scanner AND Windendro by post-scanning stitching of the images.
We've worked with large composed images of three to four directions scanned from large discs. For the sake of our (Windows-run) computers, we tried keeping individual images smaller than 1 GB (1000MB) and sometimes worked with two images per disc (each image with 2 radii). Although WinDendro is not user as friendly as, let's say, an iPhone, it handles the job quite well.



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Wageningen University - The Netherlands
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On Sat, Nov 16, 2013 at 3:29 AM, Jiangfeng Shi <shijf AT> wrote:

Dear all,


The biggest size of the scanner recommended by Regent company for the WinDENDRO system is 30*43 cm (LA2400). I am not sure whether the longer cores can be dealt with by this scanner and WinDENDRO software.





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Subject: [ITRDBFOR] recommendation for scanner A3 ???


Dear all;

For optical-scanning of long cores we are looking for an appropriate scanner-model (A3 format or larger). Ideally the margins of the scan surface should also be as plain as possible (our cores are up to 80 cm in length). All kind of experiences are welcome!

Best regards





Tobias Scharnweber

Landscape Ecology and Ecosystem Dynamics (LEED)

Institute for Botany and Landscape Ecology; University Greifswald

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