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Re: [ITRDBFOR] recommendation for scanner A3 ???

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  • From: Marek Krąpiec <mkrapiec AT>
  • To: itrdbfor AT
  • Subject: Re: [ITRDBFOR] recommendation for scanner A3 ???
  • Date: Sat, 16 Nov 2013 21:07:50 +0100
  • Organization: AGH

Dnia 15-11-2013 o 13:57:29 Daniel Patón
<d.paton.d AT>

Dear all,

In any case the most important parameter for a scanner is the Optical Density (Dmax) ( that is the maximum density that you can obtain from an imagesize. This is not exactly the same that resolution because you can be a high resolution (number of pixels) but with low precision (Dmax). In short, the most important feature for a scanner is the definition of the image. Another relevant characteristics is that scanner have a flat design because the cores can be scanned equally in all the lenght. In my modest opinion is not too much important that the scanner must be A3. Obviously a A3 scanner permit a more confortable work.

Considerations about operating system can be very important if you work to high resolution with big images (over 40 MB). I love UNIX is incredible fast and powerful ;-)


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